My style is tasteful, classic and timeless. No need to over sexualize, the point is to photograph you as you are.  

*In an effort to help our Indigenous peoples as well as a way of reducing the amount of waste filling our landfills, I will be donating a menstrual cup to Moon Time Sisters (a True North Aid project) for each session booked. 

After my very first boudoir session 12 years ago, my love affair with this genre of photography started and since then I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing hundreds of gorgeous women who all did it for their own personal reasons. I understand that these sessions aren't for everyone and it is certainly something that you might have to think and prepare yourself for long before you take the leap, but once you do, I'm 100% here for you. Regardless of what you look like, your age or the size of your jeans, I want to help you on your journey to feeling beautiful, empowered and possibly even like you've discovered a new found love for yourself. 

Boudoir Photography


After your shoot when you leave the studio, chances are I’m doing a little dance behind the door because I know how amazing the pictures turned out! I might even be more excited about getting the photos to you than you are awaiting them. I can’t wait for you to discover that inner ROCKET!

Photos of you, babe!

There’s no doubt that we are our own worst critics. I get it, I can pick out a handful of things I wish I could change about myself too...But after you spend a little time in front of my camera, you’ll start seeing and appreciating the beautiful qualities that make you who you are. Everything ties into the unique, stunning individual that you are!

A new love for yourself!

You know how everyone preaches about self-care and taking time for yourself? Well, this is the ultimate chance to do just that! Not only will you get pampered, but the time we spend together will feel just like hanging out with an old friend. We might even indulge in a glass of wine or mimosa with you!

A day spent just for you!

You'll Walk Away With:


+ You're looking to be reminded of the amazing human that you are!
+ This has always been something you've had on your bucket list.
+ You are looking to do this as a gift to your significant other.
+ You have reached a milestone in your fitness journey and want to celebrate!
+ You recently went through a break up or divorce and need a little pick me up.
+ You're simply looking for a great experience and a good time!


Boudoir marathons are done on specific weekends and usually are announced on my Instagram and Private Facebook group. Private studio sessions are also offered throughout the week and have much more flexibility in terms of scheduling.

Boudoir Marathons:

I was so nervous when I booked being a woman with a disability, but the experience was like no other. Melissa and her makeup artist made me feel so comfortable and beautiful! She helped pose me, made sure I was always having fun and was never uncomfortable. Even during the shoot when I would appear nervous or unsure of my body, she would flip her camera around to show me some shots and reassure me they were gorgeous and powerful.

She helped pose me, made sure I was  having fun and was never uncomfortable.

"Within 5 minutes of just being with Melissa, she made me feel like I was hanging out with an old friend and all my fears dissipated. She directed me every moment, made sure my hair was in place and even moved my arms for me when I needed extra guidance. I did this because I needed a boost in confidence and this experience did just that and more! I can’t begin to explain how wildly happy I was with how everything went and my photos were just the icing on the cake!”

I did this because I needed a boost in confidence and this did just that!

"I always had some perception that ‘boudoir’ photos were tacky glam photos but this was far from the truth. This was more of a self love, empowering experience with a side bonus of awesome photos! Melissa and her team had a way of making me feel so relaxed, that my true self was captured in those photos. I’m so grateful that I ended up trusting Melissa with my boudoir shoot!"

Melissa played a major role in making our day so special. We have no words! 

"I’ve done 3 boudoir sessions with Melissa - yep you heard that right! I even did one when I was pregnant. I just can’t get enough of the feeling I get when I receive my photos - beautiful and a complete badass! Melissa has this way of capturing your true person. Melissa also has this aura to her that makes you feel relaxed and happy no matter how you feel walking into the door to your shoot."

I’ve done 3 boudoir sessions with Melissa - yep you heard that right!

Boudoir sessions start at 699$. Message me for package details.

01. How much does a session cost?

I do! Right in the heart of the town of Almonte in a gorgeous loft style apartment adorned with tasteful decor and furnishing. The space boasts beautiful natural light and lots of space to get creative!

02. Do you have a studio for these sessions?

I offer two different ways to do your session. One is called a marathon weekend (no running involved ha!). The word is simply used because we will be photographing more than one woman in a day on a designated date and place that I have booked myself. You'll be assigned to a certain time slot where prep (makeup) is included before your session.

The second option would be a private session that will be done either at my studio in Almonte OR in the comfort of your own home or a space that you have booked yourself (Airbnb, hotel, etc.). Contact me for more information about the two.

03. How does a session work?

As much as I'd love to show off your photos on my website and social media, I never post any images without a client's consent. I will always ask for permission to use any photos. Of course, I am very appreciative to those that do as it is the only way for potential clients to view my most recent work.

04. Will my photos be shared online?

I do very minimal editing but can certainly retouch things like stray hairs, scars, bruises or blemishes. I won’t alter what you look like because some of those small details are part of you; therefore, I ask that you let me know if there is something specific you want touched up.

05. Can you touch up/edit certain things?

That is COMPLETELY normal. I don’t think I’ve ever photographed an intimate session of a woman who wasn’t slightly terrified. We don’t expect you to know what you are doing. I assure you, we are there to make you feel 100% comfortable! I will be giving you direction the entire time and giving you posing tips and tricks along the way. These sessions are filled with laughter and I promise you a good time!

06. I'm nervous and have no clue what to do!

I'm a wedding, lifestyle, and boudoir photographer that's based in Ottawa, Valley Region of ON, Canada and serves adventurous souls who love the outdoors.