Hi there! You can call me Melissa, Mel, M.J or Red. I'm a redhead with a gypsy soul. I live in a small town outside of Ottawa where I share a home with my husband and 2 wild kids. I first met my husband in an ice fishing shack - how Canadian is that?! We married in the woods in 2014 with 25 of our closest friends and family and wrapped up the day's events sitting by a bonfire under the stars - it was perfect! When I'm not behind the camera or working at the computer editing, I divide my time between home projects/gardening and planning the next trip/adventure with my family.

I'm a wedding and boudoir photographer for the wildly nastolgic.

Hey there! I'm Melissa. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I want you to feel how you felt in that perfect moment - peaceful, present and in love.

An extroverted introvert whose city roots have been planted deep in the forest...When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of my time frolicking in the woods. It's where I felt safe, alive and free. Amongst the trees, all of my worries seemed to dissipate...

If I close my eyes, I can still smell the breeze that once blew in my hair, I can hear the sound of the waves from the lake covering my toes and I can feel exactly what I felt inside at that precise moment in time. I often want to relive those memories so that I can feel that same happiness again and I want the same for you.

More about Willow & Wander: 

I love the outdoors and my heart is set on that beautiful natural light! I am also always open to an adventure, even if it means battling 12,876 mosquitos or braving a steep hike to get that perfect shot. It’s very important for me to have you feeling 100% comfortable with your surroundings as you will be more relaxed and yourself which will ultimately yield greater photos in the end. I want to capture your authentic self. The truest YOU possible all the while having fun in the process!

My Style And Approach

Here's what's unique about

+ Movies based on real life events
+ Old chipped paint
+ Road trips
+ To do lists
+ Pasta. Or anything loaded with carbs
+ 90s music - any genre (Nirvana and Biggie are definitely favourites)
+ Iced tea
+ Antique hunting

+ Naps with cats
+ Late night grill cheese
+ True crime podcasts (bonus if they're Canadian!)
+ Bubble baths
+ Seinfeld
+ Getting lost in a good book
+ The smell of gas (don't worry, I huff it in moderation)

Here's some fun favourites of mine:

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Let's work together to make magic happen.


I'm a wedding, lifestyle, and boudoir photographer that's based in Ottawa, Valley Region of ON, Canada and serves adventurous souls who love the outdoors.