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About me

June 4, 2008


Hi there. My name is Melissa. I’m a dreamer, a world traveller, a flower child and a hopeless romantic. I like adventure, flea markets, grilled cheese, spontaneous road trips and bubble baths.

I have been through my fare share of ups and downs and above all, I believe that the small things are what really matter in life and that we should take nothing for granted. I love to find beauty in everything, whether it’s a bare willow, a drooping daisy or a winter sunset.

I’m joined to the art of photography because it allows me to capture these forms and speak for them.

Get to know me over coffee or tea and let my lens speak for you…


I am very humbled to announce that I have been chosen as one, amongst many other talented photographers, of 2015’s ‘Top 30 Photographers Under 30’ by the Canadian Photo Convention. Click link above to view my profile!

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