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Lindsay & Matt

April 16, 2018

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┬áThis wedding goes down in my books as one of my all time favourites. So much to say about it and I won’t give it the proper credit it deserves. The night before their big day, we had a terrible storm which flooded the grounds and took out the power. Even the owner of the party/event rental company (kudos goes out to Sarah from Prior Engagements!) came to check on the tent at 2am and slept in her car to make sure it would stay in one piece and in one place! Everyone was worried about what would make of this outdoor wedding but they all pulled through. With the help of family and friends and their positive spirits – Lindsay and Matt were going to have the day of their dreams!

The next morning as I set out to photograph the two getting ready, the weather still wasn’t proving to be the greatest. Lindsay was worried…but the most glorious thing happened – as they walked towards each other during their first look, the sun peaked through the clouds, warmed up our skin and started to dry up all the rain from the ground. It was one the most beautiful moments and to make it all even more romantic, Matt and Lindsay decided to read each other a note that they wrote to one another while standing there in the woods. I admit, they weren’t the only ones tearing up…I could barely see through my viewfinder my eyes were swelling up!

The rest of the day went down flawlessly. The ceremony took place at the top of a hill where they are hoping to one day build a home and the reception was beautifully decorated under a tent where a perfect breeze flowed in and the sunset provided amazing light while they shared their first dance.

While I know that not every rainy or stormy day can turn out to be as great as this one, it’s important to keep our spirits up and our heads held high. No matter what you think – every wedding that I photograph is special each in their own way. I’m there to capture your day as it unfolds and if it means grabbing our umbrellas and rain boots – so be it! It will be beautiful..because it’s yours. There’s nothing we can do it about it but to embrace it! My most memorable weddings involved muddy dresses and wet hair!

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